Rishi Says: Parasitic birds are flying over the ENGLISH Channel. STOP THE CUCKOOS!

Saw SB speak today. Wow! Just wow! We are definitely going to Stop The Cuckoos.

Saw Therese Coffey speaking on YouTube. It’s not just cuckoos – did you know there are irruptions, altitudinal and moult migrants flying to Britain? Swallows, Martins, Pipits! Yes Pipits! Stop The Birds #STFB

Did you know, these so called ‘birds’ that fly over here are actually avians. Yes AVIANS! Heard it from Grant Shapps. Stop the Birds #STFB

NEW HEADLINE: Hippy birds are flying here – injecting laughing gas through their beaks! Stop the Byrds #STFB

Awoken today by Avians chirping, flying here and making a fuss. Singing and making merry at dawn.

Avians Singing – STOP THE BARDS

Eating Weeds – STOP THE BYRDS

From across the channel – STOP THE BIRDS

When will somebody #STFB

A boat is too good for these avians.

You show them what you’ve got Robert!