20’s Me… Me, my friend and the girl coming home from a rock concert. She likes to hold both our hands.
My 20’s. Me my best friend and the girl, walking hand in hand down the road. “I am going to be really BIG about this because I am an adult”
Me and the girl playing tennis on a sunny day. My friend had to work.
My friend got some time off to join the game. Winner Stays on. He’s got a new shirt.
Out for a drink. Me, my friend and the girl – but her friend comes too. He’s so cool he even has his own aura. Whatever that is.
I got a snuggle on the sofa. The girl told me she didn’t like her friend that way and he already had a girlfriend anyway. Just a snuggle, she’s still not sure.
That is my ‘friend’s’ car. That is my ‘friend’. That is the girl. Coming home late.
In the pub with my friend. No girl. She moved in with her friend. He was ‘spiritual’. She sad it was hard to choose. Hardest for me.