How it all began – Chorlton 2015

The Mound At The Field Of Os. This is where me and Ian first saw the Gellington eggs in the woods to the left. We didn’t think to take photos. I knew something was up and came back with a camera.
I snapped this earlier (corner of Oswald Road and Claridge Road – M21). I didn’t have my Zeiss Grey/Orange 3/18 polarising lens but only a 2/22 Voigtlander but I still got the blighter. We had been waiting for hours to get the shot, then BAMB! Take that David Attenborough who said we were mad.
Trying to cut down on the weird yellow glow from the previous lucky camera shot I ordered a ‘golden yellow’ Lee Filter (sorry – being a bit geeky). Look at this shot! Amazing. These things are nothing like the rabbitty thing I saw before, but wow! Come see them. Corner of Oswald Road and Claridge Road M21. They seem quite shy though and are very hard to snap.
Sneaked out while the kids were asleep and caught this with my night scope. Any ideas what they are up to?
After gently catching the buzzblebees with their sticky web sticks, the gellingtons can begin to harvest the bungalates happy that no buzzblebees will be harmed.
Soon the sticky webs have dissolved and the gellintons are safe back in the mound, the buzzblebees sing sweet buzz to each other.

I put these photos on Facebook – the text is exactly what was written at the time – I got a very poor response. Then, three years later, I was sent (by mail, to my university post address) some documents in Russian. It took several years to decode and decrypt what was there. Click here to go back to learn more.

All images and text copyright Jon Borresen 2015