This is intended for those who are interested in the technical details of what we know. There are clickable links if you need more help – they mostly link to Wikipedia sites which are accessible and in this field, generally trustworthy.

I will not tell you my name. I am a number theorist – that is all.

Firstly, a quote from Godfrey Hardy (1877-1947)

No one has yet discovered any warlike purpose to be served by the theory of numbers or relativity, and it seems unlikely that anyone will do so for many years.

So much for people like me making predictions.

I work for the Heilberg Institute – we have no website, so no link.

The Heilberg Institute is a mathematics research group based in Southampton (UK). Half of our time, we are given free rein to investigate whatever we wish with no pressure to publish or produce any results.

For the other half of our time, we work in top secrecy, on things I will not discuss. We are the ‘boffins’ behind SCQH.

Think of Alan Turing, Tommy Flowers and Bill Tutte.

Our cyber security is very tight.

We use a 256 bit Elliptic curve for encryption, a 4096 bit RSA Digital Signature and additionally a SHA512 time stamp

The Archons got through it all.

In cooperation with SCHQ, the FIA and other intelligence agencies (French, Israeli and Australian) we reverse engineered some of the padding from data packets sent by The Archons.

This is what we believe they did.

RSA: They cracked RSA using a birthday attack based on a modified Pollard Rho algorithm. If you can find x^2=1 mod n you can factor n. Differences between factors of the Euler Totient Function phi(n)=(p-1)(q-1) give a factor of n very quickly. Their algorithm iterates through the totient function rather than the semiprime (n). How exactly they do this we have not yet determined – if they knew the totient function they could factor n without the algorithm. We went round in circles for months before we gave up – we never even knew how to start.

ECC: How did they crack elliptic curves? Best guess – brute force. The short key lengths and their ability to utilise unfathomable computational power (see means they are able to do this.

SHA512 Time Stamp: This is something specific to the Heilberg Institute and operates only within the organisation. Every key press, every log on, every door you open is time stamped using a SHA512 hash and recorded in a SHA512 Blockchain ledger. No communication within the organisation can be performed if this is not verified. We believe they have mapped the shifts, deletions, XORs, rotations, salting… to create a giant neural network simulation and then using their collective dynamics, they ‘SEE’ the answer.

For them,

in their digital world,


They are gods. Digital gods.