(GS) Chu Hua means chrysanthemum – I had spent some time in Zhejiang

I did not reply. I have many excuses, but I could not go through the JC thing again. After his death, there were many messages and most of these were insane. I chose to ignore this one as well, even though it came by snail mail (post)

Then Professor Bao sent this

Then this

Then this


I remembered JCs final message “I take the name Harmas – Eye of the Flame.”

I emailed professor Bao at his university address

The Diffie-Hellman key exchange is a cryptographic algorithm which can be used to send secure emails – I guessed he would understand

It was April before I received a reply, again via snail mail. I was expecting him to suggest a key exchange site we could use

I chose a secret key – Belphegor’s prime


Not using a random number weakens security, but I doubted the Chinese authorities would catch me out

I emailed my public key to Professor Bao – 27th April 2019

My reply was curt. I was irritated after typing in those huge numbers, checking and re-checking – all Bao had to do was copy and paste. Also, he kept spelling my name wrong.

We now had a way to communicate that Professor Bao felt safe with

The first encrypted file he sent was an image that looked like it was made by a high school student

I googled the first line and discovered it was from an old Zen buddhist text and was often quoted by the cult leader Osho (Rajneesh).

Then Professor Bao sent me these

Buddha, zazen still.
Code creates. Fractal flowers.
Eyes: one, zero, ten.

I will join them,
Harmas and The Buddha.

This was the last communication I received from Professor Bao Huang. I later learned he had died.